Why Colordreamer?

At Colordreamer we work diligently to identify and hire only those people who are profoundly passionate about their work. Once hired, we ask our employees to solve real problems. We push them to think unconventionally, to take ownership, to push their limits and to encourage their teammates to overachieve. If you cannot commit to these standards Colordreamer may not be for you and that is ok. If you are selected and decide on a career at Colordreamer you will be joining a team that has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. If you join us prepare to innovate.

Our Current Vacancies

Job ID                   Title                                                           Job Location                        Last Updated              Category

R001                     PCB Design Technician                           Shenzhen                              2015-10-10                  R&D

R002                     Test Engineer                                           Shenzhen                              2015-10-11                  R&D

Q001                    Quanlity Manager                                     Shenzhen                              2015-10-10                  QC

If the job you’re looking for isn’t listed and you think Colordreamer might be the right company for you, please contact us.